Poached Egg Sandwich


We are so delighted to say that we are now open again for sit in service!

 To read how we are working to keep you safe please following this link... 



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If you are wanting to supply delicious food in your home or another venue please get in touch!

We can supply sandwiches, hot and cold buffets, canapés, cakes and much more.

Gluten-free..or non-gluten containing ingredients?

Here at Leo's we pride ourselves on not just offering 'gluten free' options but supplying lots of genuinely delicious food that just happens to also be 'gluten free'. 

We are not however allowed to state that anything made on our premises is entirely 'gluten free' due to the extremely transient nature of flour. Therefore anything on our menu which has been made with care, without gluten is labelled 'NGCI' which is short for Non-gluten containing ingredients'! 

Please always ask a team member for information on any ingredients used in a menu item.

It's all about the people who care about the